We work with the Hiring Committee and recruitment team to ensure the highest quality hires.

Mayfield Consulting works with the recruitment team to ensure the success and cost-effectiveness of its recruitment activities. The result? High-caliber attorneys, reduced turnover and increased attorney satisfaction — all essential ingredients for boosting the individual’s and the organization’s long-term performance.

  • Recruitment Planning — Our primary focus is on creating an interview process that yields candidates who are most likely to have successful careers within the organization. We set the stage for effective recruitment in several ways. We work with the recruitment team to identify the mission, values and culture of the organization as well as criteria for attorney success. We then develop a set of interview questions to assess a candidate’s alignment with organizational requirements.
  • Interview Workshop — We train members of the recruitment team in successful interview techniques that will enhance their ability to accurately assess a candidate’s potential. We also create a consistent format for all members of the team to use during the interview process.