We assess the organization’s needs and help you match need with talent.

Talent is the most valuable asset of your organization. Effective recruitment and integration protects your investment. Consider the financial impact of attorney turnover — recruiting and training expenditures, as well as senior attorneys’ time, are the most obvious costs. Potential disruption and risk to client relationships is another impact. Recruiting and integration effectiveness means getting and keeping a competitive share of the “best and the brightest” who will develop and enhance your client relationships and strengthen your reputation.

Attracting and retaining the best legal talent requires going beyond the “GPA mind set.” You must seek out candidates with the wide range of qualifications needed to succeed in your particular organization.

The impact of hiring the right people is limited, however, if you fail to provide the support necessary for successful integration. It has long been recognized that the first few months in any new job is crucial. Providing support to the first steps of the recently hired attorney will maximize his or her performance in the shortest time frame and cement a lasting and productive relationship.